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RocketBlocks helps you prepare for consulting, product management, product marketing, strategy + biz ops, analytics and behavioral interviews at top companies like McKinsey and Google. Our approach is simple: decompose interviews into atomic skills and give you the tools to master them. 


It’s built by management consulting experts from companies like McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Google, Facebook and Amazon. We’ve helped thousands of students from top programs like Stanford, Wharton and the GA Tech PM Club (!) land offers at top companies. 


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Register for any combination of our consulting + tech modules, and use the code gatechpmclub2023 to get 15% off a monthly subscription for up to 12 months.




We’ve got comprehensive guides and additional materials to help candidates ramp up on the recruiting process quickly:


RocketBlocks overview

See this Loom video overview of RocketBlocks interview prep.



Consulting getting started guide

PEI deep dive 

How to ask great Qs in your MBB interviews



Product management getting started guide | Product marketing getting started guide

Product management demo video

How to be a good case partner 

Google PM interviews | Facebook PM interviews | Amazon PM interviews


Tech videos from our YT channel (mostly PM-focused)

Mock interview: LinkedIn product design

Mock interview: Google product strategy & design

Mock interview: Facebook product execution

Product sense questions overview

Day in the life of a Google PM

Lenny Rachitsky, ex-Airbnb PM Lead, on marketplace products

Kevin Yien, Product Lead at Square, on 3 ways to break into PM

PMM vs. PM: what’s the difference

3 pillars of product management


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