Product Management Club at Georgia Tech

Tech's Product Talent


Career Cycle

Connect. Learn. Succeed.

The learning cycle at GTPM brings key resources to learn about the #product by product leaders. The program aims to equip GTPM members with much needed theoretical knowledge.

Product Cycle

Practice. Iterate. Apply.

The product cycle at GTPM brings company projects for our members to work on. The program aims to equip GTPM members with practical skillset knowledge.

Mentorship Program

Work with Atlanta's top product leaders!

GTPM is partnering with Atlanta based product community Product 404 to connect our members with experienced professionals. We intend to lead this program to ensure our members can establish and build connections as well as a better understanding of product management as a whole!

Ask-A-PM Series

Get all your product/career questions answered

GTPM has connected with multiple experienced product managers who are excited to engage with members by answering their questions and inspiring them to inquire and learn. This initiative gives our members a chance to interact with product leaders and ask even the most basic questions.

Workshop Series

Learn from the best in the industry!

Dive right into key topics of product management with our guest product leaders. Some of the topics we will cover next semester include:

- User Research
- Product/Market Fit
- Product Roadmap

Get in touch with us to learn more, or better yet, come by to experience these events first-hand.

Startup Projects

Hands-on product experience at Atlanta's top growing startups!

Work on one of our startup company projects and guide product success


Work on some hard PM skills with the best!

GTPM brings workshops led by product leaders which aim to help our members deliver stronger results in projects.

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